how it works?

  • • A special camera which observes the workstation, and can determine the exact position of objects in the space within its angle of view.

  • • A special software, which is responsible for processing the data received from the camera and on the basis of the processed data it can supervise the assembly process.

benefits of the system

Easy integration, because the already existing workstations can be modified with very little effort to make them compatible with the IRIS device.
Low cost, because there is no need of expensive sensors for the observation of each assembly step. (like the commonly used Pick to light system)
Easy customization, because there is no need of complex electrical rewiring or software modification when the workstation is installed or modified; all of the workstation customization can be done using the in-build interface of the software.
Interactive process supervision, which provides information of the current assembly step to the worker such as instructions (both text and pictures) and error notifications.
Stand-alone or integrated operation, so according to the needs the device can operate as a stand-alone instrument or as a part of a bigger system

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